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Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be divided into two distinct phases, On-Page SEO (Basic) and Off Page SEO (Advanced). Simply put, On-Page SEO covers all the fundamentals recommended in Google Best Practices and ensures that your website is indexed, or filed, for the broadest range of keywords most relevant to your business. Some of the essentials of Basic SEO include page content, title tags, meta descriptions, headers, alt text, site architecture, and URLs. Off-Page SEO, performed on a consistent basis, works to push the website/pages higher in the search results for a specific keyword or market through consistent content updates, link building and restructuring the webpages based on the data culled from an advanced metrics program. Where your company ranks for a specific keyword in the search results is determined by the websites authority and relevancy in comparison to its online competitors. The idea is to increase the authority and relevancy of your website or webpage to drive, retain and convert more organic search traffic.
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The SEO process begins by meeting with the client and discussing their business and expectations. Some of the questions include:

  • What are you trying to accomplish thru search engine optimization and digital marketing?
  • Are you looking to target a local, regional, or national audience?
  • What keywords/markets are relevant to your products or services?
  • Who are your online competitors?
  • What are the demographics of your target audience?
  • What other marketing or advertising mediums have you tried?

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Once the initial meeting is complete we will begin an extensive competitive and keyword analysis. The information gathered in this analysis will give us an idea of the feasibility of placing the company in the top spots for the most relevant keywords. After we complete our analysis’, we will report our findings to the client and begin to formulate the initial course of the SEO campaign.

Once On-Page SEO is complete, we will relaunch your newly updated website. After the site has been re indexed by the search engines, we can begin analyzing the rankings of the company for their respective keywords, this will determine how much more work will be required to begin developing organic traffic. Later we will look at the incoming data from the initial web traffic, during this process we work to identify the keywords, pages and content that not only drive traffic but conversions. We will also begin understanding why searchers left the site without an action (call, email, buy, sign up) and whether this traffic was relevant or irrelevant to your goals. As time goes on, we will begin to uncover more detailed data that allows us to improve the relevancy of the webpages to increase the amount of incoming web traffic and more positively affect the user experience which maximizes the likelihood of conversions.

Due to the search engine algorithmic changes and increasing competition, SEO can be a continuous process, there are no tricks or short cuts. Ultimately the sites that offer the highest user experience along with the highest quality content will be considered the most relevant and popular.

Whether you’re a local company just beginning to build their web presence or an established national business looking to increase their web traffic and conversions, our team of SEO experts can help you achieve your goals. Please call us today at 786.368.3076 for a free website evaluation and consultation.

We are available for person to person to meetings in the following areas: Downtown Miami, Brickell, Miami Beach, North Miami, Wynwood, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Little Havana, Shenandoah, Key Biscayne, South Miami, and Kendall.

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